About ForceX Canada

ForceX was founded In Ontario, Canada.

Our Company derives from the term Force Multiplier. 

Force Multiplier Effect as Defined by Oxford: 

"The effect produced by a capability that, when added to and employed by a combat force, significantly increases the combat potential of that force and thus enhances the probability of successful mission accomplishment." 

In essence, meaning to use everything at your disposal to stack the odds in your favour. Whether it be Air Support, Artillery, Social Media campaigns, or symbolic merchandise. Anything to beat the enemy through physical or mental means. 


I joined the Canadian Forces at the ripe old age of 16 and I was medically released due to back and knee injuries a little under a year later. I gained a lot in the short time, which was knowledge, insight and connections with people I still have to this day. These connections and these same people are one of many reasons I started ForceX. To hopefully some day be able to pay them back for the support they've continually shown me and helping to mold me into someone determined to make a positive difference.

Small business big goals.

As of now, there's four of us. One of my best friends and our graphic designer, another best friend who's a Business Management and Marketing grad, our administrator, Mo, and of course, myself. Like all businesses or social enterprises, we've started off small with a small following with small goals. But, as the saying goes "we have eyes bigger than our stomach" and we are committed to making a positive impact on the world.

The invasion of Ukraine kicked that door open and left us with ample room and opportunity to try and help. Today we sell print on demand merchandise to raise funds for our targeted organizations. We also help organize and network various groups from here, facilitate shipping of donated items, etc. We always hope to document our organizations as they work to shine a continuing light on the necessity of their work. We want to be able to continue facilitating the delivery of needed goods and supplies to our organizations and all the civilians and animals they are helping. Together, we win.

Thank you for giving us a chance to make a difference, thank you for being part of that difference.

Slava Ukraini!



ForceX Canada in Ukraine

On September 13, 2022 I flew out of Canada to Poland and entered Ukraine on the 16th. I would then spend the next 121 days in Ukraine volunteering, working, meeting Ukrainians and fellow volunteers and above all, falling in love with Ukraine.

What initially was planned as a one month or so trip to deliver medical supplies and meet the people I've been in contact with over instagram since the onset of the war, spiralled into a much longer, much more valuable experience.

I helped to procure and deliver hundreds of thousands of dollars in uniforms, medical aid, boots, thermal clothing, weapon attachments, food, and even christmas presents.

I have taken part in deliveries to the 31st Brigade, 10th Tank Brigade, 72nd Brigade, 81st Airborne Brigade, and many more units who I wasn't lucky enough to get patches from to help me make a list.

I spent a few weeks with my friend and fellow volunteer Oleg training tactical medicine and aiding other instructors in their instruction as best as I could.

Trip one was incredible, but it's just trip one. I, we will be going back later this year. Any and all support going forward to us means the absolute world.

Thanks for reading,