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Who is Oleg and Forever with Ukraine?

Oleg is a Ukranian-American with a contagious positive vibe that is so appreciated by everyone he comes in contact with. He moved from the Ukraine to the U.S. when he was very young, but still has roots there.
When the occupation began, and his sister was near the danger zone, he knew what he had to do. He answered the call to return to the Kyiv region of Ukraine to defend what he loves. He left the U.S. for Ukraine on April 24th, 2022 and will remain in Ukraine indefinitely to continue helping as long as he is needed.

Oleg's Instagram

He and his teammate Felix found his purpose in ensuring the UA fighters and front line medics had the proper supplies to keep them safe, and has found several ways of supporting them in any way he can. This mostly consists of military and medical supplies, uniforms, protective gear, and the list goes on. He is also a huge animal lover and has his own dogs back at home in the US, so when he isn't helping the front line medics and fighters, you can find him with the animals, trying to raise awareness for the thousands of displaced dogs and cats as a result of the Russian occupation.

Forever with Ukraine and ForceX

I came into contact with Oleg through instagram when he reacted to our daily war coverage in our instagram story. We quickly bonded over a shared love for Ukraine and its people as well as a healthy dose of 'evicted' invaders.

Around this same time Oleg was getting in contact with another person we support, Brandon to give him kit and supplies he could bring back to the front with his new truck to help further the mission. Day after day since I came in contact with him Oleg is working tirelessly to organize deliveries from overseas and then the further organization and dessemination of these goods to needed locations. I don't have an accurate total but it's safe to say he and Forever with Ukraine have brought in well over 10tons of goods and worked through them. As well as an unknown amount in kit such as cammies, ruck sacks, medical supplies, you name it Oleg and FWU are working to try and facilitate getting it where it needs to be. Due to this and his constantly positive loveable attitude I felt the least we could do is bring him under out umbrella to shed a light on his Organization and the good they continue to do.

Together we will win this, step by step to victory.

Thank for your continued and unending support!



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