Task Force 31

From The Task Force 31 Website:

"Our Mission at Task Force 31 is to assist Ukraine in defending its national sovereignty against Russian tyranny: aiding, overcoming, and ending the daily tragedies they endure.

Our Mission is called Operation Golden Trident. Our aim is to create a modern, lethal, and effective commando defence force while saving as many lives as possible. We work to do this by delivering training and instruction from former western Special Operations Instructors and providing Tactical Combat Casualty Care certification and accreditation to Ukrainian volunteers."

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From The Dynamic Acquisitions Website:

"Dynamic Acquisitions was originally established as a training and consulting contingent comprised of former and active U.S. military and law enforcement with the onset goal to provide training and logistics to military responders on a variety of tactical subjects to increase their effectiveness, survivability, and cohesion as a team.

However, the battlespace has changed and we no longer best serve the public in a simple consulting capacity. All of the DA Cadre in some form or another has worked in service to the people and our country in some capacity. Always vigilant to make whatever sacrifice necessary to ensure the safety of our friends and family and see that the freedoms we enjoy endure the test of time.

With that in mind, collectively we have decided that we cannot stand idle as the freedom of any people is threatened by tyrannical violence, a threat that by pure observation no longer seems to have a designation between combatants and an innocent civilian population."

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Darkhorse Vets

From The Darkhorse Benefits Website:

10 MAR 22, Darkhorse Benefits deployed the founder and a team of Special Operations medics to Ukraine to support their war against Russia. Our team is in the country currently and, to date, has trained over 400 combat medics and first responders. A major focus is on Prolonged Casualty Care (PCC), where field medics are treating patients
for extended periods of time. Due to the modern Russian threat, field hospitals are far from the front lines, and there are very few
ambulances and helicopters that act as traditional medevac platforms that can’t fly due to missile threats. Medics without the proper training and supplies are forced to treat and often lose their patient that could have otherwise been saved. This is where YOU fit in; by supporting this medical supply and training effort, you can send lifesaving gear and instructors to the front lines through either your material or financial contribution."

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